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Picnic at Sprague Lake
Berthoud Pass Trail
Trap Park
Almost to Flattop Mountain
Mirror Lake
Lions Head and Bear Mountain
Peoples State Forest
Cobble Mountain
Fall Colors in Colorado
Herman Gulch
Scramble to Spectacle Lakes
First Day of Marital Torture
Alone in the Mountains
North Diamond Peak
Wildflowers at Coyote Ridge
Free Soloing My First Crag
Blizzard Adventure in June
Foggy Hike
Wildflowers at 6,000ft
Storm Mountain
Twin Sisters
The Start of Wildflower Season
Lake Agnes
Bear Peak
Windy Hike to Stone Mountain
Long Lake
Forest Lake
Caribou Hill
<strike>Practicing</strike> Neglecting Avalanche Safety
Camelback Mountain
Lake Haiyaha
Timberline Falls
Black Lake
Crosier Mountain
Snowshoeing Montgomery Pass
All the Sights Along the Way to Sky Pond
Finch Lake
Estes Cone
Hiking Through Rocky
Perfect Weather on Mount Ida
Leaf Peeping in Nederland
Twin Lake Reservoir
Browns Lake
Roosevelt Ridge
Mestaa'ehehe Mountain
Triangle Mountain
Hiking into Rocky Mountain National Park
Pushed to Our Limits
Montgomery Pass
B-17 Crash Site Hike
Quick Hike to Coyote Ridge
Anemone Loop
Stunningly Devastating
Hewlett Gulch
Dangerous Hike To Lake Haiyaha
Sprague Lake
Green Mountain
Bald Mountin
Icy Hike to Bierstadt Lake
Deer Mountain
Bobcat Ridge
Valley View 2021
Trekking Through The Forest
Bridal Veil Falls
Last Day of the Trip
Balanced Rock and Cobble Lookout
Headed to the Adirondacks
Full Day in Vermont
On to Vermont
Kancamagus Scenic Highway
Franconia State Park
Colorado Fall Colors
Moose at Cub Lake
Granite Ridge
Lake Agnes
Jewel Lake
Accidental Hike Towards Stormy Peaks
Raining Hike in Estes Park
Wildflowers at Coyote Ridge
Venturing on Forest Roads
Picnic at Realization Point Via Gregory Canyon
Bitterbrush Trail at Hall Ranch
Zimmerman Lake
Miller Rock
Funnel Arch and Longbow Arch
Landscape and Corona Arch
The Small Hikes
Mesa Arch and Delicate Arch
First Day in Arches National Park
Gem Lake
Freezing Hike to Mills Lake
Windy Boring Hike in Livermore
Nymph, Dream, and Emerald Lake
Christmas Hike
Mount Sanitas Via Lions Lair Spur
Shanahan Ridge
Leaf Peeping at Guanella Pass
Orient Mine Hike
Coulson Gulch to Ralph Price Reservoir
Bulwark Ridge
Stone Mountain
Bighorn Lake
Lake Katherine
Crosier Mountain Via Devils Gulch Road
Button Rock Mountain
Wildflowers at Young Gulch
Lion Gulch
Storm Mountain
Pawnee Buttes
Mount McConnel
Dadd Gulch
Mallory Cave
Blue Sky Trail
Wapiti Trail
Orient Mine & Sunset
White Tanks
Lake Pleasant
Royal Arch
Hanging Lake
Lily Mountain
Devil's Backbone
Lilly Mountain
Arthur's Rock
Fern Lake
Four 14'ers in One Day
Ypsilon Lake
The Loch & Timberline Falls
Odessa Lake and Lake Helene
Chasm Falls
Gem Lake and Balanced Rock
Mount Sanitas Hike
Lory State Park
Weekday Hike - Devil's Backbone
Snowshoeing Zimmerman Lake
Horsetooth Hike in November
Bridal Veil Falls
Mt. Sherman @ 14,036 ft.
Bear, Nymph, Dream, and Emerald Lake
Ouzel Falls
Coyote Ridge
Mount Ida @ 12,888 ft.
Devil's Backbone
Gregory Canyon and Flagstaff Mountain
Coyote Ridge
Mallory Cave Hike
Devil's Backbone
Arthur's Rock
Devils Backbone Hike
Swiss Valley Nature Center
Maquoketa Caves
Mines of Spain
Hike to Horsetooth
Garden of the Gods
4am Hike
The Royal Arch
Devils Backbone, Loveland, Colorado
High Point


End of Fall
Mountains the Same Color As the Sky
Blue Skies
Little Mermaid
Katherine's Portrait
Hike Afterwards
View From the A
Fort Collins
Dead But Still Standing
Into The Mist
Tipped Like A Cow
About To Jump
In the Mountains
Bent and Curved Around
Another Wild Flower
Up Close
From Above
Wild Flower
In the Mountains
In the Mountains
In the Mountains
In the Mountains
Whats that? looks kind of ugly...
In the Mountains
From the Mountains
From the Mountains
In the Mountains
In the Mountains
In the Mountains
In the Mountains
In the Mountains