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Horsetooth Hike in November

It's a little crazy, but we went on a hike at the end of November when the weather should be cold and snowy. The thing is, that it wasn't. We've had several days of wonderful weather lately, and I'm not complaining. I've been able to work outside in the garage (with the garage doors open for the extra light), go outside without a jacket, let alone a coat, and go on hikes.

Katherine and I picked Horsetooth for a few reasons, we knew the temperature on the hike would be pretty close to the temperature in the city, we knew it wouldn't be snowy (like Rocky Mountain National Park surely is), and we hadn't hiked Horsetooth in a little while.

The round trip hike was exactly 5 miles and took us 2 hours and 52 minutes, including the 30-minute long lounge we had at the summit. The hike had a total elevation gain of 1,555 feet.

Trailhead Location
The map failed to load!
5 mi 2.9 hrs 7,256 ft 1,555 ft
Few Clouds
Patches of Green
Horsetooth Reservoir
Kiss on the CHeek
Fort Collins
Tea Time Summit
Passing By
Big Boulder
Behind the Lens
New Old Photograper
Between the Teeth