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Blue Sky Trail

Needing to get outside from the stay-at-home mandate, Katie and I decided to go for a hike. Originally we planned on just hiking up Coyote Ridge, but the parking lot was packed. We went to the other end of Coyote Ridge trail, which was the Blue Sky Trail. There were only a few parking spots left so we grabbed one and started hiking.

Blue Sky Trail is a great mountain biking trail, so there were several times we almost got ran over, but it was still a nice hike. I'm definitely going to come back here to do some biking over the summer. It had less than 500 feet of elevation gain and we turned back before making it all the way to Coyote Ridge, making out round trip distance four and a quarter miles and taking an hour and a half.

Trailhead Location
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4.22 mi 1.5 hrs 5,701 ft 479 ft
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Rocky Landscape
Horsetooth in the Distance
Muddy Bike Tracks
Along the Ridge
Trail Panorama