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Wildflowers at Coyote Ridge

Two years ago in June we went to Coyote Ridge to photograph the wildflowers. We were busy at the beginning of June so we never went, and by the time we thought of going it was likely too late. As it so happened, I went bike riding at Coyote Ridge last weekend and the wildflowers were still absolutely gorgeous, so Katie and I went with our cameras after work one day.

Considering it's July, we weren't sure if we would go out to take photos because the weather in July can be atrocious in the evenings. But with just a little bit of light rain and temperatures in the mid to upper 70s, it ended up being an absolutely gorgeous walk with fantastic cloudy-day lighting for our wildflower photography.

Trailhead Location
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2.31 mi 1.1 hrs 5,269 ft 200 ft
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Common Sunflower
Wild Katie
Young Buds
Prickly Poppy
With the Snakes
Multicolored Greens
Small Rainbow
Pointer Finger
Golden Crab Spider
Munching Grass
Dumb Face