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Orient Mine & Sunset

In the morning I woke up and decided to do some morning photography. I grabbed my stuff and quietly left the cabin a little after 7am. I started heading to the bat caves, which I didn't think was too far away. About an hour and a half later, 2 miles, and 700+ feet in elevation gain, I made it to the bat caves on an empty stomach in the freezing cold with no water. I wouldn't recommend doing that again without being prepared, but it was a pretty gorgeous hike and very peaceful that early in the morning in the middle of winter.

Trailhead Location
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4 mi 2.5 hrs 9,414 ft 768 ft
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Snowy Path
Small Ridge
Orient Mine Cave
Over the Ridge
The Valley
Animal Tracks
Sunny Day
Boring Mountains
As the Sun Set
Soaking Pond