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Four 14'ers in One Day

Katherine, Will, and I decided to hike four 14'ers in one day. Are we crazy? Yes, definitely. But all four of them were in a row and not too difficult to get to. Democrat, Cameron, Lincoln, and Bross are the four we hiked. Technically, Cameron isn't a true 14'er because there isn't enough drop distance between the saddle between it and Lincoln, but I count it anyway because it is a peak and it is above 14,000 feet.

The hike was 7 and a quarter mile long with almost 4,000 feet in elevation gain. That's the most elevation gain Katherine and I have ever done in one hike by about 1,500 feet. We spent the night at Katherine's parent's house in Highlands ranch to get a little bit closer to the trailhead. Our morning started at 3:30 am waking up to drive to the trailhead where there were already a good 50 cars parked by 6:00 am. I was shocked at how many cars were there but you have to start a hike this early to get all 4 of them completed before the weather rolls in. We completed the hike around 12:30 and headed back home. It was a great hike that provided a lot of different scenery, but it was one of the most difficult hikes we've ever done.

Trailhead Location
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7.23 mi 6.2 hrs 14,303 ft 3,973 ft
Early Morning Sun
Morning Frost
Ridges Everywhere
Three Shadows
Close to the Summit
Northern Ridge
Mount Democrat
Dark Valley
Dark Side of the Ridge
Far Mountains
In the Saddle
Sunlight in the Valley
On Our Way to Mount Cameron
Mount Democrat
Rocky Path
Off the Edge
Path to Mount Bross
Person in Blue
Mount Cameron Panorama
14,238 Feet
On to Lincoln
Mount Lincoln
Lunch On the Mountain
Mount Bross
Patchy Clouds
Trail to Mount Bross
Mount Lincoln
Almost There
Mount Bross @14,172 Feet
Summited Mount Bross
First Peak In the Distance
Mount Bross Panorama
Mount Democrat From a Distance
Steep Descent
Down the Ridge
Drop Off
Side of the Ridge
Unexpected Waterfall
One Last Panorama