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Mount Sanitas Hike

We decided to start our first real hike of the season this weekend. We're a little late to the game in starting our hiking since it's been so nice out the past several weekends. But none the less, we started off the season hiking up Mount Sanitas. We did the Mount Sanitas Loop Trail, which is a 3.1-mile round trip loop that takes you up to the top of Mount Sanitas.

Since we couldn't park in the actual parking lot for Mount Sanitas Trailhead, our hike started on the street about a quarter-mile away. The total distance was 3.54 miles, 1280 feet of elevation gain, and took us 2 hours and 9 minutes (including a 20 minute rest at the top).

Trailhead Location
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3.54 mi 2.2 hrs 6,843 ft 1,280 ft
Up on the Ridge
Halfway Up
Down The Valley to Boulder
Made It!
From the Top
Successful Hike
Steep Steps
Mini Flatiron