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Hanging Lake

With my house selling on Monday, I pushed to get everything moved and the house cleaned by Friday so I could enjoy the weekend in Glenwood. Katie was working up in Glenwood on an externship the previous week and the week after, so I figured it would be a great way for me to relax after weeks of stress from trying to get everything packed and moved. Even though it was extra stressful a few days before the weekend, the added stress was well worth the relaxing that I was able to do over the weekend knowing that everything was done and that I could start finally living normally again.

On Saturday, we decided to go hike Hanging Lake. The weather was in the upper 60's, so we figured we would be okay without jackets, but we neglected that we were hiking along a river and the breeze with the cool water next to us made it feel like upper 50's. I think if it was 5-10 degrees warmer, that would have been a perfect hike, but other than that, it was a lovely and spectacular hike. The hike was almost 5.5 miles, including the walk from where the bus dropped us off to where the trail actually started. The climb was just barely over 1,000ft in elevation gain and the whole hike took us a little over 2 hours including a 30 minute break at the top.

Trailhead Location
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5.41 mi 2.1 hrs 7,144 ft 1,007 ft
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Hanging Lake
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