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Mestaa'ehehe Mountain

We had a pretty busy weekend between going to yoga on Saturday morning, Participating in breaking a world record, Cirque Du Soleil on Saturday afternoon, this hike on Sunday morning/afternoon, and then engagement photos on Sunday evening. However, we still wanted to get out of the house to enjoy the mountains. Because we had lots of things going on, we picked a pretty quick hike that was supposed to be a little over 4 miles but ended up being just over 3. Mestaa'ehehe Mountain is in the I-70 corridor, a place we haven't hiked before. Just outside of Idaho Springs in the Mount Evans Wilderness area, Mestaa'ehehe Mountain has a fire tower at the top that people can rent out. No one was in the fire tower when we summited, but we were able to get up on the observation deck which was pretty neat. A little bit to the North from the fire tower there are some large cellphone towers and another area that we hiked to in order to get panoramic views looking North towards the Indian Peaks mountain range.

The hike was different than the typical hikes we've been doing. We usually don't venture this far South for hiking, and because of that, the mountain range was a little different than what we're used to. The most notable difference is that the Mount Evans area has much denser and taller trees. I'm guessing that area is a little bit older and hasn't been burned by a forest fire in quite some time (maybe because of people on watch at the Mestaa'ehehe fire tower), but it was interesting to hike in a different area of Colorado.

Trailhead Location
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3.13 mi 1.6 hrs 11,470 ft 771 ft
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From the Observation Deck
Dense Trees
Fire Tower
Chief Mountain
Longs and Meeker