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About Noah Clark

Here's a few recent photos of me from this blog. Most of them will be selfies with Katie since I don't take a lot of portraits of just myself.

At the CampsiteOn the LedgeTop of Nevada FallsOne Last Selfie at Nevada FallsTop of Vernal FallsSentinel Dome SelfieSelfie in the ParkSummit SelfieSoaking WetSelfie on the Carousel On the TourCrazy Gins



I am a Mechanical engineer for BluePrint Automation where I design robotic automation equipment for the food packaging industry. From time to time I might get the opportunity to post some work related photos, but most of what you'll see on this blog is about what I do in my free time.

About my Photography

My Camera Equipment:

Canon R8
Canon RF 16mm f/2.8 Prime Lens
Canon RF 35mm f/1.8 Prime Lens
Canon RF 50mm f/1.8 Prime Lens
Canon RF 100-400mm f5.6-8 Telephoto Lens

My Photography Background:

I have been interested in photography for 21 years. I got my first camera for my 14th birthday, and it wasn't very powerful, so I outgrew it pretty quickly. But because I was younger, I didn't have any money to get anything better. About one and a half years later, I had figured out how much I loved photography so I started learning HTML and basic website coding and created this website. One month after that, I got my second camera for Christmas in 2007, a Canon PowerShot A530. Since getting that camera, I wanted something more than a small pocket-sized camera, so I bought a Cannon PowerShot SX10 IS a year later. I bought it mainly for the nice 20X zoom. Displeased with that camera quickly, because of poor image quality (it was simply too grainy), I got my third camera. Right before going to Houston, Texas for a NASA Internship in 2009, I bought my Cannon Rebel T1I, which I bought in advance from the money I knew I would be getting from the internship. I kept that camera for nearly 7 years until I got a real job out of college working as a field applications engineer for Wolf Robotics. Right before the summer really started in 2015, I bought my Canon T6S. That camera served me well until Spring of 2023 when I got my first full frame camera and first miroless camera: the Canon R8.

My photo blog has been running for 17 years (started in December 2007). I have gone through about four or five different designs, and every time it gets more and more professional, along with the photography.

About My Photography:

I mainly take pictures of scenery around where I live. Whether that's a hike and I'm immersed in the mountains, or just on a walk around town. I’m not all that into taking pictures of people, but something I’d be willing to do if you want to be my subject!

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