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Perfect Weather on Mount Ida

We got fortunate with the weather hiking to the top of Mount Ida. There wasn't a single cloud in the sky and considering this hike is mostly above treeline, the wind was minimal. The last time I hiked Mount Ida I remember it being so incredibly windy at the top with nasty storms rolling in (which is the last thing you want when you're on one of the highest peaks around and above treeline). So we were pleasantly surprised when we reached the summit and the sun was out without a single cloud in the sky and almost nonexistent wind. We came prepared for colder weather than this, with both of us bringing two jackets. Both jackets ended up being taken off quickly in the hike and were a little annoying to have to carry around, but it's better to be prepared than to be underprepared.

The hike started a little later in the day than we were hoping. We didn't leave the house until almost 10 am, and it took almost 2 hours to get up to Estes Park, into Rocky, and over the continental divide to the trailhead. The Trailhead for this hike is closer to the West-side of Rocky, which was apparent since we could see Lake Grandby from the summit. Because we got to the trailhead around noon, there wasn't very much parking. We had to park about a quarter-mile down the road from the trailhead which pushed this hike to be over 10-miles long, the second double-digit hike I've ever done. Even though we got started later than we wanted to, this almost 6 hour hike was completed before the sun went down and since we weren't fighting the weather, getting started that late didn't matter.

This was a very challenging hike. Although it's not the longest hike we've done together, it is the most elevation gain we've done. Combining the elevation gain of 2,600ft with the 10.5 miles of hiking and we were both completely exhausted by the end of the hike. The altitude also didn't help, since we hiked to almost 13,000 feet where there isn't very much oxygen. But we made it and the absolutely stunning summit was worth the pain.

Trailhead Location
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10.45 mi 5.8 hrs 12,830 ft 2,589 ft
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Ice on the Trees
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Mount Ida in the Distance
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