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Green Mountain

The mountains didn't get a lot of snow over the past week, but Boulder did, so we headed up to Boulder to hike on some fresh powder. Even with the recent snowfall, we hiked with micro spikes, but we didn't need our snowshoes. Our original plan was to do Green mountain from the West parking lot which is only about 700 feet of elevation gain, but because there were no parking spots at that trailhead, we had to start a little lower which resulted in us doing twice the amount of elevation that we wanted to (in the same amount of distance). We took it easy last weekend, so it was probably good to have pushed ourselves a little on this 3.3 mile hike with almost 1500 feet of elevation gain.

There weren't that great of views during the hike, except for an occasional couple of mountains from the Indian Peak range or parts of Boulder through some trees. But once we got up to the top, the views were stunning of the Indian Peaks. There was even a little map at the top to help show you what peaks you were looking at. The only peak that we really know in this area is Longs and Meeker, so having the map definitely helped me identify some of the lesser-known peaks.

Trailhead Location
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3.33 mi 2.2 hrs 8,209 ft 1,476 ft
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Premature Budding
Meeker and Longs
Summit Panorama
Boulder From the Top