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Leaf Peeping at Guanella Pass

It's that time of the year where the colors start changing. The colors in Colorado don't really stick around, so you have to be prepared the last couple of weekends in September and the first weekend in October to go hunt for fall colors. Since it's still a little early, we knew we had to get up high in elevation to see some color, so we started doing some searching in local newspapers to figure out where is recommended for this year this weekend. We found one article with a recent photo that specifically showed some gorgeous colors at the Silver Dale Interpretive Site just outside of Georgetown on the Guanella Pass scenic highway. Because we weren't guessing where to go and what elevation the colors would be at, we found an amazing site packed with tons of turning aspens. The weather was cooperative being in the 50s but partially cloudy which gave us a lot of different lighting, everything from cloudy, to sunny and even some soft lighting in between. The trees were perfect and the lighting was perfect, so I don't think it could have gotten much better. The Guanella Pass area surpassed our expectations and will definitely be on our shortlist for leaf-peeping in future years.

I am considering this a hike since it was up in the mountains, had some elevation gain (over 500ft), and was over 3 miles round trip. Even though it took us over 2 hours, this was a very slow moving hike that we had lots of fun stopping and shooting along the way.

Trailhead Location
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3.17 mi 2.2 hrs 9,656 ft 551 ft
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Colorful Mountainside
The Girl At the End of the Bridge
The Girl on the Bridge
Bridge to Color
Littered With Leaves
Up the Bark
Clouds Rolling In
Bent Over
Rock in the Path
Shooting the Mountain
Sparse Aspens
Starting to Brown
Starting to Orange
Two Bent Trunks
Darker Coulds
Sun Through the Trees
Orange Tinted
Through the Valley
Still Green
The Man in the Hat
Green, Yellow, and Brown
Flowing Water
Orange Trees