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Fern Lake

Not having hiked in several weeks due to emergency home renovation, we decided to do a pretty easy hike this weekend, Fern Lake. The hike seemed pretty easy on paper. There were several places we could hike to and turn around if we weren't up for going all the way to Fern Lake, and it was only supposed to be 1400 feet of elevation gain. The total hike ended up being 7.6 miles, 2,100 vertical feet, and took 3 hours and 40 minutes to complete. Since it was nearly a month since our last hike, this one was a little tough, but not too bad.

We had hiked on this trail before, just not this side of it. A few months ago when we made it to Odessa Lake, we were on the side of the trail that started at Bear Lake. We didn't realize it until a hiker asked us a question about the trail we came from and said he was on his way back from Odessa Lake. I guess the park isn't as big as we thought it was!

Trailhead Location
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7.64 mi 3.7 hrs 9,648 ft 2,131 ft
Flat Trail
Chilly Morning
Yellow Field
Green Aspen
Arch Rock
Patch of Death
The Pool
Down the Thompson
Fern Lake
Notchtop Mountain
Clear Water
Colorful Pine
Fern Falls
Clouds Rolling In