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Ypsilon Lake

The weather was looking pretty bad this weekend to go on a hike, which would have been 3 weekends in a row stuck at home due to bad weather. Luckily, on Saturday evening, the forecast cleared up for Sunday for us to go on a hike.

We picked Ypsilon Lake, which was a 9-mile round trip hike in the Mummy Range which had about 2600 feet of elevation gain. The hike was pretty killer compared to similar hikes we've done with similar altitude gain and distance. We made it to the lake in just under 2 hours and returned to the car 4 hours and 22 minutes after we started the hike.

The weirdest part of this hike was the people heading up when we were heading back down. The weather may have cleared up in the morning, but rain was still forecasted in the early afternoon. The clouds were rolling over the mountains and it was starting to get pretty windy. I suspect that the rain started within the next 2 hours. On a hike that took us over 4 hours, I'm sure some of those people got wet. Additionally, there were several groups of tourists attempting this hike without any water at all.

Trailhead Location
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8.86 mi 4.4 hrs 10,507 ft 2,595 ft
Roaring River
Fallen Trees
Green Hills
On the Bridge
From the Bridge
Trees Everywhere
Chipmunk Lake
Wild Fly
Random Waterfall
At the Falls
Ypsilon Lake
Along the Shore
The Whole Lake