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Mt. Sherman @ 14,036 ft.

We decided to do our first 14'er together. Katherine's parents wanted to do a 14'er, so we tagged along. This was my first 14'er, and Katherine has done a few other ones with her parents before. Despite Mount Sherman being the easiest 14'er in Colorado, it was treacherous. It may have only been 2.5 miles from the start to the top, but it had 2100 feet of elevation gain that just killed our legs and exhausted our lungs the whole way up. In addition, our day started at 3:30 am to make it to the trailhead by 6:30 am. Aside from that, it was a really nice hike. The hike started at the Fourmile Creek Trailhead, located just outside of Fairplay. For the first half of the hike, we hiked along the old mining roads which still had old mining equipment and buildings scattered along the road. The other half of the hike started at the saddle in between Mount Sheridan and Mount Sherman. From there, we hiked along the gusty ridge that had steep drop-offs on either side. We're lucky we didn't get blown off the ridge!

Katherine and I made it to the summit in just over 2 hours. Katherine's parents meet us at the summit about a half hour later and we all relaxed at the top together for a half hour. It took an additional 2 hours to get down from the mountain. Because of the steep grade and the extremely loose footing, you had to take extra time not to fall off the side of the ridge. This was extremely difficult on the way down.

Trailhead Location
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2.5 mi 4.5 hrs 14,036 ft 2,100 ft
Shack on the Hill
Riding into the Sun
Mine Shaft
Hilltop Mine
Mount Sheridan
Through the Mountains
Little People
City in the Valley
Fading Mountains
Summit Panorama
Ghetto Sign
Looking for Food
Wind Shelter
Matching Jackets
Summit Kiss
14,036 Feet
Harsh Sunlight
Small Clouds
White Ridge
Looking Down
Little Ants
Mount Sherman
Mount Sherman Ridge
Old Wood
Through the Collapsed Buildings
Rivets In a Line
Into the Mine