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Chasm Falls

Today we hiked up Chasm Falls via Old Fall River Road. We started at the Alluvial Fan Trailhead, walked along the paved road to get to the start of Old Fall River Road, and then walked on the dirt road up to Chasm Falls.

Katie didn't enjoy the first part of the hike, where we walked along the paved road, but as soon as we got onto the vehicle prohibited dirt road, it started to feel a little more like a hike. The views of the falls were spectacular, and we were the only ones up there when we arrived, so that was great! It's a very touristy location, so I'm glad we got to go before the road was open to traffic for the tourist that want to park right next to the falls.

The hike took a little over 2 hours and was 4.8miles road trip with 515 feet of elevation gain. All of that is approximated because I forgot my GPS on this hike, but that's close enough to being accurate for me.

Trailhead Location
The map failed to load!
4.8 mi 2 hrs 9,088 ft 515 ft
Green Aspens
Endovalley Road
Paper Kite Moth
Fall River
Flowing Water
Chasm Falls
Selfie At the Falls
Open Valley
Through the Valley
Clear Blue Skies