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Christmas Hike

The weather was exceptionally nice on Christmas. With the temperatures in the mid 50s, we knew we had to get outside. Plus, I got a new GPS watch, a Garmin Instinct, so I needed an excuse to go try it out. We got done with our Christmas activities around 2 and decided to hit the trails. Since it was so late (and since the sun sets around 4:30), we didn't have much time to hike so we picked something close. We ended up hiking Coyotee Ridge which is a short 10-minute drive from our hours. The 4-mile hike was only 600 feet in elevation gain and only took us an hour and a half.

Trailhead Location
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4.13 mi 1.4 hrs 5,713 ft 594 ft
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Fort Collins Wildlife
Resting at the Summit
The Girl in the Mountains