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Foggy Hike

The weather hasn't been cooperative with all the rain, and this weekend was no different. But Sunday morning and early afternoon had a low probability of rain so we decided to take a chance and go hiking. Because of the forecast, we decided to do something lower in elevation in case it rained so that we wouldn't be as exposed. We chose Button Rock Mountain because we both had good memories of hiking it back in 2020 and knew it would give a great panoramic view at the summit.

We did get a panoramic view at the summit, but because of the fog, we couldn't see very much. The whole hike was setting up for a summit disappointment (from a view perspective), because of the thick fog that we were hiking in and out of. By the time we summited, we weren't too surprised that we couldn't see anything. The weather has ruined hikes for us in the past, but this time was different in a positive way. Not only did the fog keep it much cooler than a typical sunny June day, but the fog also added a cool layer of depth to the hike that we're not used to. It might have been different if this was our first time hiking Button Rock Mountain, but we weren't upset with the lack of visibility or sun. The fog ended up adding peacefulness during the hike, especially at the summit. There's something quieting about standing on top of a summit where you should be able to see the tall peaks in the distance but all you see is fog.

Trailhead Location
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8.52 mi 4 hrs 8,439 ft 1,509 ft
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Bee in a Skullcap
Wild Iris
Break in the Trees
Western Wallflower
Shooting Star
Foggy Summit
A View of Longs and Meeker
Geologic Survey
Kiss In the Abyss
Lifting Fog