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Peoples State Forest

Today was the day of the wedding that we came out to Connecticut for. Since Katie was one of the bridesmaids, she was busy all morning and I was only expected to show up for the ceremony starting at 5. So in the morning, Katie and I went and had breakfast and then I dropped her off at the hotel to get ready with all the other ladies for the wedding while I adventured off to go hike.

I chose Peoples State Forest because it was about the same drive time as the hike yesterday, but it was a little further North. My thought process was that the further North I go the better chance there would be of fall colors, but this whole area is way too early for fall colors. We would need to go a few states North to see anything good right now, but I had low expectations for colors anyway after yesterday's hike.

There was a high probability of rain during this hike. Despite this, I decided to continue going on the hike because I had nothing else to do. I came prepared with my rain jacket, but I wasn't prepared for the amount of rain that came during the hike. The rain was peaceful listening to it hit all of the leaves as it fell and splashed in newly forming puddles. With the amount of rain I got on my hike, I ended up getting soaked completely through my jacket, shorts, pants, and boots. But it wasn't too cold, so other than the uncomfortableness of being wet, the rain wasn't a problem.

When it rains while I'm doing photography I expect to get some water on my lens, which isn't an issue because I can usually find something dry to wipe it off with. But since everything was soaked, I ran into a new issue of how to get the water off my lens. I eventually found a napkin in my bag that was only half-soaked that worked for a little while, but I had to embrace the fact that there was no way to clean my lens.

The wedding was wonderful at the zoo in Stratford. The ceremony was inside the greenhouse which had a hawk as the ring bearer was a uniquely different wedding experience. The reception was in the carousel room afterwards which was a nice place for a venue. I haven't ridden on a carousel since I was quite a bit younger, so it was fun to get to be on one again as an adult.

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