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Saturday, September 3, 2016

Tour De Fat 2016

Katherine and I went down to New Belgium's annual Tour De Fat bike ride to watch all the weirdos on their bikes. We didn't bike this year but we might next year.

Ride OnHorse RidePirate GhostsBeer GogglesDragonFat TireMarge and AbeHalloween 2 Months EarlyTerrifying ClownDino FamilyBest Bike

Sunday, September 4, 2016


Katherine and I got to go in a hot air balloon ride as part of a bridal shower gift from Katherine's parents and grandparents. We launched at Chatfield Reservoir, located about 20 miles southwest of the center of Denver.

Setting UpOn Its SideGreat Day For FlyingFront RangeStraight DownLanding In the RoadSlow to LaunchOver the TreesUneven HorizonBalloon FriendsEarly Morning ShadowDenverBurnerUsOver the HillDeflating

Saturday, September 10, 2016


Katherine's parents were going to the CUS game so we decided to tack along. CSU ended up winning (presumably - we left with 5 minutes on the clock).

Out of BoundsCam The RamTake DownDancing on the FieldField GoalSupport Crew

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Italy Day 1: First Day in Rome!

Our flight got into Rome in the morning and after we cleared customs we headed right for the town. We dropped out bags off at our hotel and then started walking around Rome. We started at the Santa Maria Maggiore church from a recommendation by the hotel staff and then walked North to the Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain, and then started making our way to the Collosseum, stopping by a massive monument, the Altare della Patria, and the Roman Forum along the way. It was a busy day and we were exhausted (both because of the jet lag and the lack of sleep on the plane), but we made the most out of every minute!

Clock TowerGold CeillingsHoly DoorsFontana di S. Maria MaggioreMy Angel & Some StatuesGoldenSpiral StairsKatieSpanish StepsColonna dellProphet IsaiahTrevi FountainAt the FountainAltare della PatriaTwo BasilicasOn the MonumentBeautiful ArchitectureItalyKatie in ItalyAgressiveGuardingRoman SeagullKatie & ColloseumBack SideClock TowerBusy RoadsPantheonBad StaircaseRoman ForumOutside the ColosseumColosseoThe City of RomeWide AngleCrowded

Monday, September 19, 2016

Italy Day 2: Vatican

On the second day we woke up rested and ready for a day of adventure! Our first planned visit in Rome was going to the Vatican and the Sistine Chapel. We bought our tickets in advance which was a very good thing because the line was massive!

FountainSunny DayInside the BasilicaArchDomesPope TombGolden ArchOn His ThroneGold HaloSt. PeterThe AltarArchwayHigh CeilingsLong HallwaysVatican Holy DoorFront of the VaticanKatie at the VaticanPaintings EverywhereVatican SealAngelsFamousFramedCast SilverGuild of wool merchantsGorgeous Stained GlassBramante StaircaseMvsei VaticaniOn the RiverCastleCourt HouseKatie on the RiverFront SIdePiazza NavonaFontana del NettunoFontana dei FiumiSantKatie in the Piazza NavonaFountainSpitting WaterPantheonTomb of King Humbert IChapel of the AnnunciationUp the ColumnTempio di AdrianoChiesa di SantGorgeous AltarLooking UpAltarBronzeMarble AngelMany Churches1:200Marcus Aurelius Column Colonna di Marco AurelioPiazza del PopoloReflectionLion PawFrom the TopOld FascadeColosseum at NightLit UpArch of ConstantineEdge of the ColosseumSt. Peter

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Italy Day 3: Colosseum

Katherine and I had a big day planned for our second full day in Rome. We started by going to the Colosseum. We got there shortly after they opened and started off walking around the thing 20 times. Then we took a tour which allowed us to go down into the lower level (where they kept the animals and gladiators) and then up to the third ring. Both the lower level and the third ring were off limits to the public without a tour, which is why we opted for the tour, and it was completely worth it, especially for the spectacular views. We also got to learn some history from our tour guide which was a nice insight since we didn't know a whole lot. We then made our way to the Roman Forum area just after lunch time. There was a huge line at the entrance right next to the Colosseum, but someone told us about an entrance that was empty about a quarter mile away. We decided to take our chances and the person was right! we walked right up, showed our tickets, and we were in the Roman Forum just like that! After wandering through the Roman Forum for several hours, we made it to a place to have dinner and then back to the hotel for some rest before going back out with my tripod in the evening to the Vatican for some night photography. Katherine was really nice about letting me take night photos every evening I had a place in mind to shoot.

The Whole ColosseumMassive ArenaWhole ForumWalking into the ColosseumTop of a ColumnReplica SeatsKatie in the ColosseumOutside FacadeFourth TierUnder the ArenaTouchedFrom the FloorGladiator\My GladiatorFrontArchStill IntactReinforcedBell TowerThrough the TreesOvalBrick WorkWall of the ColosseumAt the TopDown the RingH. LoweThe Arch from the ArchDisorganized BrickOn the 2nd RingDouble ArchFalling ApartDetailedOne Last ShotOutsideArch of ConstantineOur Next Apartment!San Gregorio Magno al CelioPartial WallHippodrome of DomitianLooking Up?Nymphaeum and Adjoining CisternsGreen GrassGreat ViewBasilica of MaxentiusA Few CloudsTwo TemplesBell TowerFallen WallsFrontGood Day for TourismKatie in the Arch of TitusTall MounmentRoman Sky LineArch of TitusArch on her HeadRolling CloudsAntoninus and Faustina TempleTempio del Divo RomoloAcross the CityColosseoDomesThrough the RubbleTempio del Divo RomoloStatue RowRoman TempleOldInside a ChurchDead GrassDying MossPrickly GrassFallen Column DetailedDark SpotFlying HighSaintsMadonna and ChildTall DomeWest EndSunshineFallen ColumnsSeptimius Severus ArchChiesa dei Santi Luca e MartinaFrom Outside the ForumColosseum in the DistanceDomesVatican at NightFlowingGhost of KatherineLit UpStanding AroundFalling Water

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Italy Day 4: Florence

We left for Florence in the morning. We took a high speed train from Rome to Florence that took about an hour and a half. After we found our hotel and dropped off our bags we started wandering around the town. We got checked in to our hotel and went to go see David. We purchased advanced tickets (like everywhere else we went) and just like everywhere else, it was a good thing we did! The advanced tickets allowed us to pretty much walk right in!

Piazza di Santa Maria NovellaCattedrale di Santa MariaLocks Not AllowedDuomo DomeDuomo FrontGreen MarbleBrunelleschiWindowGiottoMarble StatuesUp the TowerHoly Doors in FlorenceIntricate WorkSanta ReparataGuild of Wool MerchantsTall Bell TowerSearching for UtopiaGold and ShinyFountain of NeptuneFadingGone FishingHeaxagonMedici LionsMenelaus supporting the body of PatroclusFlorenceDusk PanoramaFiercePerseus with the Head of MedusaFacing the RiverGelato!Bacchante With Fawn and PantherKatherine & the Plaster ModelsRoom of PlasterCrucifixKatherine and DavidDavidMichelangeloLooking Towards RomeGiant HandsBlue MountainsScattered CloudsDown the ArnoOn top of FlorenceBusy CityDuomo From the HillClimbing the Flag PoleGetting DarkerAs the Sun Goes DownLit UpStreet Lights

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Italy Day 5: Pisa

On our 5th day in Italy, Katherine and I went to the Leaning Tower of Pisa. We started the day early, with a 8am train to Pisa. We had pre-ordered tickets to go up in the Leaning Tower of Pisa, but we didn't have a time slot yet. We figured we would get there early and get an early time slot. Turns out the company we bought the tickets from wouldn't hand tickets out until 4:30 - well after we were planning on leaving. Knowing we wouldn't make that, we purchased tickets on the spot from the Leaning Tower of Pisa ticket office without any problems. The tickets were significantly less expensive than what we bought online too. After we got home from the trip I was able to get our money back because the company didn't make it very clear that you couldn't pick up the tickets during normal business hours. After spending all morning and part of the afternoon in Pisa, we took a train back to Florence and relaxed. We went back out after dinner to take photos of the sunset from the river.

SeriousToo CoolBattistero di San GiovanniUp the StairsAngel StatueTiltedSunny DayReady to Go UpMorning in the Bell Tower1890Leaning on the Leaning TowerUnder ConstructionLickAlmost as TallAt the TopMountainsSeveral BellsGiant Metalic BellArchesLightingWooden DoorsSlantedPisa CathedralPulpitGoldenJust a LickGrindinDuomoWannabe SilhouetteFallen AngelHolding it UpClichePoke!HugButt BumpFalling OverGreen GrassHolding itCattedrale di PisaHoly DoorRoof ArtResting SpotWine on the PatioAs the Sun Goes DownBoat RideDuskBright LightDome ReflectionGetting DarkerStreet LightsFuzzySingle BoatMotorcycle ParkingPink BagClear ReflectionPonte VecchioLiving on the River

Friday, September 23, 2016

Italy Day 6: Travels to Pompeii

Day 6 was pretty uneventful, mostly because the train to get from Florence to Pompeii was a fairly long trip (~6 hours including a stop in Naples to change trains). We started the day walking around Florence and then hopped on a train to get to Pompeii. We got to Pompeii later in the afternoon and seemed a little unsafe, so after it got dark we stayed in our hotel. We walked around the small town and had dinner, then relaxed the rest of the evening. That was by far the most relaxing day that we had done on our honeymoon.

Goodbye FlorenceFlippedYoungParent and ChildPlasterShrine of the Virgin of the Rosary of PompeiBell Tower

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Italy Day 7: Pompeii

Today was our main day in Pompeii. We had a little bit of difficulty with our tickets, we only printed out our confirmation, not the actual tickets (everything was in Italian - oops!). We had to go back to the hotel, log into our email, and get the hotel to print the tickets for us. It was a good thing our hotel was right across from one of the entrances into Pompeii! We started walking around Pompeii at 9am and spent the majority of the day there, leaving in the mid-afternoon. After that, we rested us because our legs were so tired walking on the uneven rock roads in Pompeii.

Not as Impressive as RomeHallwaysGrowing From the WallDeterioratingHome ArtWater CanalsMt. VesuviusUneven WallIn the CityCurved BrickShort DoorsPomegranate TreesMany DoorsPillarBumpy RoadsVesuvius Through an ArchTombLarge FieldBurnt BreadFrom the TopWall ArtKeysJarsAmphitheater FieldCoin SizesColumn in the WallFast FoodRed WallpaperPots and PansWater TanksThrough the RuinsHouse of P. Casca LongusBlue WallsClear DayThin BrickFancy Wall ArtCeilingSteam RoomStatuesForumFragileInside a ColumnShort ColumnsHomes Along the RoadCrumblingKatie in PompeiiHolding the Roof UpFountainWall MuralPompeiiJust a Few CloudsHole in the WallSmall StatueBell TowerTeatro GrandeEmptyFallen AngelTeatro PiccoloMountain RangeErupting!!!

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Italy Day 8: Last day in Rome

On the last full day we woke up in Pompeii and took a train back to Rome. We got to Rome in the late morning and got checked into our hotel which was right outside the Pantheon. It had a spectacular view! We walked around the city and went back to the Spanis Steps (not that they were open again to the public), walked around a few parts we hadn't gone before, went back to the colosseum again, and ended with some night photography at the Trevi Fountain. It was completely packed the entire time.

Wooden DoorsBusy StepsVia della Fontanella di BorgheseObelisk SallustianoTrinita dei MontiRows of PewsAltarRomeSpiralDark StairwayPiazza del PopoloGiant BubblesChasingMaking BubblesSpace ManCobble Stone RoadsJulius CaesarStill StandingAt the Colosseum One More TimeFlareConstantineAlong the RiverNearby BridgeFlowing WaterOn the RiverReflectiveTrevi FountainDifferent ViewThe Crowd...In MotionFlowingHorse WranglingLit UpYellow Water LightsDark SkiesPantheon

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