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Saturday, February 6, 2016

United Flight 6199

Katherine and I flew out to Colorado for the week. While we were waiting for our gate checked luggage, I decided to pull my camera out and take some photos.

Control TowerTailFull Plane

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Dickeyville Grotto

This is a place we didn't know existed until one day we drove by it trying to get to a different attraction in Wisconsin. While driving to Potosi we drove through Dicekyville and saw "The Grotto". We had no idea what it waws and thought nothing of it. I then drove by it again for a business trip and saw it in a little more detail. That's when I looked it up and told Katherine that we should go.

Made from StoneBits and PiecesColorfulKatherine at the GrottoJesusFrom the SeaEagle FountainColumbusSacred HeartShellsHomeSnowy PathFortitudeReflectionRed RosesThe Grotto

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Bald Eagles

Katherine and I wanted to go see if the eagles were active. We had about an hour between grocery shopping and lunch so we decided to go down to the river and see what was happening. We counted at least 10 bald eagles and maybe one more in the hour that we were down there. We started down at Lock and Dam #11 and then drove up to the top of Eagle Point Park to look down on the birds.

Sitting HighCold DayFrom AboveReflectionIntruderDual BirdsBad Hair Day

Friday, February 26, 2016

Downtown St. Louis

Katherine and I went on a short weekend trip down to St. Louis. We were hesitant on going because the arch was under construction, but after seeing some online web cams of the current construction we decided to drive the 5 hours and spend the weekend seeing the city.

Early MorningHand WeldedThe 40 ft. GiantUnder the ArchInside the ChurchBasilica of St. LouisUnder the DomeOld StaircaseFrom the CourthouseOld CourthouseCardinals StadiumBallparkFavorite ShotSt. FrancisCathedral BasilicaDomeFrom Illinois

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Missouri Botanical Garden

One of the other things that Katherine and I went to in our limited time was the Missouri Botanical Garden in St. Louis. They were having a special event, the orchid show. That was the first thing we went through and it was incredible with thousands of orchads

Smelling the OrchidPhalaenopsisCattleyaBlack, White, and PinkCymbidium PipetaApricot MagicRuffledVandaBaby OrchidsStar FlowerAnselliaDome CeilingPink FuzziesPink SpikesSpottedFlowingTextured BackPointed FlowerPink PineappleWhite RainFlamingosBehind the WaterfallOrangeFuzzy BallScattered ReflectionWeatheredIn the HoleWind StatuesDying BambooThe ClimatronSelfieSharpReady to BloomSmall Clementine

Sunday, February 28, 2016

St. Louis Zoo

Katherine and I went to the St. Louis Zoo. It was free admission (although you had to pay for parking), but it was a really great zoo! It was the first nice day of the year (so it was packed) but it was still a blast!

On a Logwithered WingsSwinging From the VinesCurled TongueBright Blue SkiesButterfly HabitatLanding for a MomentThirsty Thirsty HippoSpeedy FastLong TusksBig EyesSleeping Snow LeopardRed KangarooPhoto BombedSnack TimeWalking AroundOrange FurPreparingEye on the PrizeAlmost Got itSweet Sweet Food

Monday, February 29, 2016

Land of Lincoln

On our way back from our St. Loius excursion we stopped in Springfield, Illinois to learn some history about the 16th president of the United States: Abraham Lincoln.

Young AbeRoudy ChildrenThe LincolnThe White HouseDresses of the TimeAbePresidential MusuemLincolnClassic ShotAbeLincolnNose PickerGloomy FaceCoffinEntrance Statue

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