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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Engineers Gone Wild

To de-stress from that thing Katherine and I do called engineering, we baked some cookies. This was the first picture we took while the first batch of cookies were in the oven. I set my camera up to take 6 shots. Katherine was only expecting one...

Suspecting NothingHand Full of FlowerCookie + Frosting + FlowerCookie in the EarCookie Photos!Good Old Pack Man

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Galena Fire

Once again, Fort Collins is filled with smoke. It being the second day of nice weather and of course, the mountains had to be on fire. If just didn't feel right to have such nice weather and the mountains not burning, and then, on Friday this fire started.
It looks like people were allowed back into their homes right around when these photos were taken, which is surprising considering how bad it looks.
You can see Horsetooth reservoir in this photo at the bottom to give you a sense of how big the fire actually is.

Clear NightFlaming TreeTall Flames

Monday, March 18, 2013

Fort Collins St. Patrick's Day Parade

So I made Katherine get up early to go to the parade with me. The weather was somewhat crappy, although tolerable. Every now and then there was a cold gust of wind. Anyway, here are the photos. There isn't much to say about any of them.

Start of the ParadeSlacking OffDarrellCSU HarleyStorm Trooper in a KiltAttentionJohn DeerePrince CharmingKatherine Trying not to Laugh

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Glenwood Springs

It probably wasn't the best weekend to go on a trip into the mountains. Actually, it was a horrible weekend according to the weather. With about an hour of the trip consisting of going down Vail-Vail pass at 5mph in the worst whiteout conditions I've ever seen, the drive could have been better. Not only the drive there, but the drive back was even worse with a spring blizzard in the Denver area. However, about a half-hour past Vail-Vail pass, the roads were perfectly clear with just a little bit of water on the roads. How's that for Colorado weather? The rest of the day in Glenwood Springs and the next day were perfect weather (low 40's) considering the time of the year.
Considering how bad the roads were coming up here and back, I expected much much worse...

HotelWaiting for the OthersSnow Over the MountainsSunny... For a BitHappyTwigs In the MountainAmberGlenwood Caverns Adventure ParkReflectionMore GondolasRed MountainsGiant ChairSun FlareGoofy PhotoBearInside the CaveBaconStalagtightHangingMost Decorated RoomGroup PhotoJust the GirlsToughing the StalagtightsOn the Way Down

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