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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

CSU vs San Jose State (73-80)

Katherine and I went to the CSU-San Jose State basketball game because we had nothing better to do on new years day. Her brother was playing in the pep band, so that's mainly why we went. After the first 5 minutes I predicted we would lose (we were never ahead in the time we were there), which we did.

SwooshThe Reason We WentFree ThrowA Bad Fake TanWith a Mellophone on His HeadDistressedPlaying LoudHigh Jump - Wait, Wrong Sport...

Friday, January 31, 2014

One Year Anniversary

Today was our one year anniversary. For our anniversary, I made her some custom jewelry. I designed the pendant in a 3D modeling program, and sent the 3D model to a 3D printing company that printed it in brass. They then polished it and then plated it in 22k gold for a pretty reasonable cost. It's really cool how far 3D printing has come in the past few years. The characters inside the hear shape is something meaningful between just Katherine and I.

3D PrintedPerfect DetailArcheryBeautiful Jewelry for a Beautiful Girl

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