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Saturday, May 18, 2019

Brick Pathway

This weekend I decided to do a home project that I've wanted to do for a while. In the summer, I always hate walking outside barefoot to get vegetables from our garden because the rock we have around the garden is a bit awkward and painful to walk on barefoot. The simple solution would be to get some shoes, but for whatever reason, this project seemed like less work.

Since brick pavers were on sale at Lowe's, I decided to finally do it and put 3 rows of brick around our 12ft x 6ft garden bed. I calculated it out and figured I needed 180 bricks. Turns out when the project was done, I needed exactly 180 bricks to complete the project (I'll keep my engineering degree on the validation that I can do simple math, thank you). I did end up buying 190 bricks just in case, which was good because I did end up breaking one in the process of beating it into the sand to try and get it level.

Full LoadBefore Picture190Step 1 - Move the RockSidewaysDig Out the PathGrout With SandLay the BrickLevel it Out with SandFinished!

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