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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Erie Town Fair 2013 Balloon Launch

This morning I went down to the Erie Golf Course and took some pictures with my mom and brother of the Erie Town Fair hot air balloon launch! There were 20+ balloons, and this was the first year I took pictures of them setting up!

Drifting AwayHand Woven BasketLike a Blowhole, For a VanGlowingStart to FinishCold BurningSquare BurnersInto the BalloonRandom FieldsOver the FenceStorm Coming inOver the MountainsDeflating

Saturday, May 25, 2013

2013 Erie Town Fair Car Show

Every year at the Erie town fair, they have a car show. To my surprise, this year there were quite a few different cars than there have been in the past - which is a nice change. They had some really old cars, including this one. It had just 2 petals, yet still had a stick shift. I was really curious as to how it worked without 3 petals.

Multi-ColorModel TStill DrivingClean Engine

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Just a Typical Day Dating Katherine

Today Katherine and I randomly wend down to the Pearl Street Mall in Boulder. We had nothing better to do and she had never been there before. We started watching one of the street performers, and she got selected to be a volunteer - lucky her. She had to throw him a knife for him to juggle, and then light his pants on fire while he solved a Rubix cube. Interesting act.

Katherine Lighting Someone on FireKatherine Throwing KnivesJuggling PinDeadly KnifeJugglingStreet CarnivalLit UpUpside DownBig Bears

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