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Saturday, August 3, 2019


A few days ago I was in downtown Loveland and noticed they finally got all the construction done. There's a massive parking garage on the Southside of Downtown square that was finally open to the public and I took a mental note that I should go do some night photography from it. Well, turns out the view from the parking structure sucks, but I did walk around the area and took a few shots.

My photoshoot started off at Lake Loveland for some sunset photos. The sunset wasn't all that spectacular, but I've always wanted to take photos here and never have for some reason. But I finally checked this location off my photoshoot list!

Thick CloudsBoatSunset WheatDown 287Quarter to NineAirplane

Saturday, August 31, 2019

Lily Mountain

This weekend Brittany and Josh invited me to go hiking with them. It was a great idea, but a poorly executed one because it's labor day weekend. We go to the parking lot for the shuttle in Rocky Mountain National Park a little after 9 and it was just barely too late to get a parking spot. So we improvised and when to Lilly Mountain instead which is outside of the tool gate for the park and didn't have many tourists. I was surprised by how empty the hike was, but I'm not complaining!

Looking DownTall and DeadBright CloudsMossThrough the TreesSouth EstesSummit PanoramaAt the Top

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