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Monday, June 21, 2021

Wildflowers at Coyote Ridge

A few weeks ago I biked along Coyote Ridge to the Prarie Ridge Trail and noticed an abundance of wildflowers. Sure there are wildflowers everywhere in Colorado, but I wasn't expecting the number of wildflowers and the variety so close to the foothills. So I knew that I had to come back to this spot at some point to take some photos. Even though it took several weeks before Katie and I had a chance to go out to take photos of the wildflowers, they did not disappoint. Just in the few weeks between when I first noticed them and when we got out, they had already changed so much.

Wew actually attempted to go out shooting twice, two days in a row. The first evening we got there way too late and by the time we had hiked to the large patch of flowers, it was already too dark to take good photos. The next evening we went a little bit earlier, however, it was overcast so we still didn't get great lighting (although much better than the night before), and it was really windy which made shooting in low light that much more difficult.

The last thing about this hike worth mentioning were the rattlesnakes. This was prime rattlesnake territory, and taking photos of wildflowers requires you to go a little bit off the trail. We didn't venture too far, but we were definitely cautious and luckily never ran into any wildlife.

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