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Monday, September 2, 2013

Rocky Mountain Showdown 2013

Katherine and I, and her parents went to the 2013 Rocky Mountain Show Down in Denver to watch the CSU vs CU football game. Even though CSU lost, it was still a fairly good game up until the last 5 minutes. We went down there after a pretty busy weekend that was jammed pack of stuff to do on our first weekend off from school.

Loss for the RamsThe BandCam the RamPackedHike!First Game of the SeasonTouchdown!BroncoSame Photo We Took Last Year

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Denver Zoo

This weekend was a camera body and lens test drive at the Denver Zoo, hosted by Mike's Camera. I've been to a few of these now (4 I think) and every time I have a lot of fun renting thousands of dollars worth of equipment for free. This was probably one of my better shots of the day, taken with a fixed 500mm telephoto lens.

Every HairBig EyeLensbabyRam Up HighFish EyeFirst shot of the DayPure WhiteElephantsStraight UpSpotted SkinBath TimeHolding OnPointed FeathersFavorite Animal to ShootLong ToungeHard ShotLast Shot of the DaySea Lion ShowTouch The BallKatherine, Hannah, and TristanUp the TreePink, But More White

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