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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Swetsville Zoo

I went to the Swetsville Zoo with Katherine last weekend, because she had never been there before. She really enjoyed it, it is rather an interesting place. Nothing new has been made for a little while. It was actually run by the son of the person who made the sculptures. Unfortunately, just 2 days before Katherine and I went there, the son died in a car accident. I wonder if the zoo will stay open???

HatchingImpersonationRobot Photo #IDKBig Tractor, Old TooRiding a MonsterSliding Down a DinosaurBig RocketOld CowScaredSecond BoyfriendBirds Nest Lunch

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

BUILD! The Amazing World of LEGO

Last weekend, after visiting the Swetsville Zoo, Katherine and I went down to Longmont to see an exhibit at the Longmont Museum. It was pretty cool! We saw an advertisement at the Denver Comic Con last month, so we thought we would check it out!

Giant LEGOsRiding a TurttleOn top of the WorldGreen BikeCity HallAlienUnion PacificClose TogetherThe New BrickKitchenTrainAwesome HatOld RadioGraffiti Wall

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Pinewood Reservoir

This weekend Katherine and I went up to Pinewood Reservoir which is just West of Loveland. It was a pretty quick drive. We stayed up there for 2 nights just relaxing by the lake.

CampsiteEpic SmoresBurntTea TimeGhostsThe LakeGiant NestOn the TrailCampsites in The DistancePerfect CloudsBlue SkiesWarm Feet

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