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Lost Lake

I took the day off work to hike with Katie. She already had the day off, but it was only one of a few 3-day weeks she gets so we wanted to make the best of it. We wanted to go camping, but we had a wedding to go to on Sunday night, which took up one of our weekend days. So with Saturday dedicated to chores and Sunday dedicated to the wedding, we spent Monday hiking.

We choose to do Lost Lake which starts at the Hessie Trailhead. Since it was a weekday, parking was easy. On the weekends you have to take a shuttle, assuming you can get a parking spot where the shuttle picks you up. Not only was getting to the trailhead easier on a weekday, but the trail wasn't nearly as busy as it would have been on a weekend. So overall, this was a good hike to have chosen for a weekday since we rarely hike on weekdays.

This area had lots of wildflowers. Wildflowers were the focus of this hike just like all the other recent hikes we've been on. The lake itself that we got to was nice and a good place to rest with decent views, but the abundance of wildflowers was what we were after, and the hike delivered.

Trailhead Location
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4.98 mi 3.4 hrs 9,780 ft 1,096 ft
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Small Lake
Wild Butterfly
Delicious Raspberry
Top of the Cascades
Two Webs
Lost Lake
Left Behind
White Marsh Marigold
Indian Paintbrush
Bearing Tree
Off the Trail
Golden Banner