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Chautauqua Again

There's a month left before you have to pay to park in the Chautauqua area, so we decided to go up to Chautauqua again even though we had hiked here a little over a month ago. Even though we were here recently, it was completely different due to the ground conditions. When we were here in March, it was right after a snowstorm, and even though Boulder did get some snow yesterday, it was mostly green with a few speckles of snow on the trees.

We went a little further than we had the last time we were here by doing the loop to the second and third Flatiron. It was a little longer but about the same amount of elevation gain.

Things are starting to bloom. Wildflower season has just barely started at the lower elevations! Although we saw some wildflowers, none of them were photogenic due to the moisture that Boulder got over the past 24 hours. But it still makes me excited for wildflower season.

Trailhead Location
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2.19 mi 1.4 hrs 6,386 ft 709 ft
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Third Flatiron
Full Sun