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First Lego League 2022

The second Saturday of November is always the Poudre High School First Lego League competition where I volunteer to be the photographer. I first started volunteering at this event in 2010 and have been doing it since except for the two years I lived in Iowa (2014 & 2015). This year, there were only 23 teams, which was pretty similar to last year, but way down from the year prior. Last year the excuse was the pandemic, I figured that it would have picked back up this year, but it didn't. Maybe it will be back to normal next year... I actually don't mind that it's smaller - there's less running around to do and it's a little less chaotic.

This year with the photography I think I did a good job at shooting with a faster shutter speed than my light meter recommended. It's easier to lighten up the photos than it is to de-blur them. The thing I don't think I did very well at was the depth of field. Since the gym was pretty dark, I was shooting with my 50mm prime lens at f/1.8. That low aperture meant that often one kid was in full focus but none of the kids around them were. So next year I hope I read this and correct that mistake. Another thing I could have done better was to use a better focusing mode. Since I don't shoot a lot of fast-moving things, my focus was often missing the action and I'd have the first shot in a series in perfect focus and then the rest of them wouldn't be.

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