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Colorado Springs Day 2

On Tuesday we had a pretty easy schedule, go to the Garden of the Gods and go to the top of Pikes Peak. Luckily for us, the Garden of the Gods is an easy "hike", and by that, I mean that everything is paved and there's really no elevation change. The walk was a little over a mile and a half. The drive up to Pikes Peak was pretty fun. There were a lot of aspens on the side of the road that we stopped at on the way down from Pikes Peak. We decided not to hike to the top because neither one of us is nearly close enough in shape to hike a 14er. We did see the hiking trail and it looked brutal, so we're glad we drove instead.

Trailhead Location
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1.65 mi 1 hr 6,604 ft 300 ft
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White Rock
Paved Path
Blue Jay
Gloomy Day
Curvy Path
Balanced Rock
Above the Clouds
Cairn At the Top
Summit Selfie
Summit Peck
Summit Kiss
Summit Look
Above the Treeline
Pikes Peak Aspens
Golden Yellow
Golden Road
Around the Corner