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Alberta Falls

Katherine and I drove up to Rock Mountain National Park. It's only about an hour from our house, so we bought an annual membership. We hiked up to Alberta Falls and on to Mills Lake. The total round trip distance was 5.33 miles, and it was a total elevation gain of 1450ft. It took us just under 3 and a half hours, stopping frequently for photos. Our moving time was actually just over an hour of that 3 and a half hour journey.

Edit July 7, 2018
Katherine and I were looking at the hikes we haven't done and found that we wanted to go to The Loch, a lake that is the opposite direction of Mills Lake once you've hiked about 2 miles in. Turns out, on the hike for these photos, we actually ended up at The Loch Lake instead of Mills Lake like we originally thought. The reason (most likely) is due to the snow when we went in 2017 - the snow was covering some of the trail signs and we had to do some guessing. Anyway, this photo album is of Alberta Falls and The Loch Lake.

Trailhead Location
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5.33 mi 3.5 hrs 10,672 ft 1,450 ft
Tree Island
Happy Hiker
No Fear
Alberta Falls
Raging River
Down Stream
Snowy Peaks
Tree on the Falls
Single Snowy Peak
Not Too Sweaty to Kiss
Over the Rock
Off the Path
RMNP Panorama
Still Snowy
Up the Hill
The Loch
Time for a Swim
We Made it!
Just Katie
Tree Line
On the Edge
Clear Waters
Through the Trees
Clear Day
Snowy Path In
Tunnel of Aspens