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Wildflowers and Insects

Last year around this same time we hiked Button Rock Mountain and noticed an abundance of wildflowers. This isn't the first time we have found wildflowers in this area in early June, so in a hunt for wildflowers that's where our destination was today.

The full hike to the top of Button Rock Mountain is almost 9 miles, which is about double what Katie can do without serious ankle pain. So we went as far as she felt comfortable with the goal of hiking at least 3 miles. We ended up doing just over 4 and almost 1,000 feet of elevation gain. The hike was filled with wildflowers so we didn't mind that we didn't make it the whole way to Button Rock Mountain. Besides, it was a very hazy day due to both poor air quality and a lot of moisture in the air.

Luckily, the temperature was very mild. The past week has been 90+ degree days in town, and this hike wasn't that high up in the mountains. But this weekend was a little bit cooler which let us do this hike without dying from the heat. It was maybe just a little warmer than we would have liked but overall it was a comfortable hike.

Trailhead Location
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4.29 mi 2.8 hrs 7,505 ft 942 ft
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Morning Dew
False Solomon
Buttery Background
Golden Banner
Filmy Dome Spider
Snapdragon Skullcap
Wild Wife
Cuckoo Wasp
Wild Iris
Little Bit of Mountains
Longs and Meeker