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Sunrise to Sunset

Since Katie was still feeling sick, she wanted to seep in to rest, so I took the morning to do some stuff without her. I Woke up at 3:50 to catch the sunrise at the Tunnel View. It was underwhelming since I was shooting toward the East where the sun was rising. I got there about 20 minutes too late to catch any stars in the first couple of photos, but that's OK because the stars wouldn't have been that bright anyway that late in the morning.

Then I went to hike Columbine Rock and planned to make it a little further to Oh My Gosh point. Columbine Rock was a little boring since there were good views of the valley before Columbia Rock, but I'm glad I went on to Oh My Gosh Point which had spectacular views of upper Yosemite Falls. I made the decision based on how I was feeling and what time it was to torture myself and continue on to the top of Upper Yosemite Falls. The views were worth the pain. It was nice to have done what felt like a more normal hike comparing it to where I was before Katie's accident but I would have much rather hiked it with her instead.

For some reason, my GPS was having difficulty on this hike. The trail on the map is a little screwed up and the stats are probably a little off from what it was. I think the elevation gain is about right but the mileage is inflated by about 1 mile.

After I got back to the Airbnb around 1, we went to the Gianelli Winery. This winery grows its own grapes on site, and we got to drive through the vineyard to get to the tasting room where we drank wine overlooking their property. This is what we were expecting for a California winery and they delivered with great views and good wine.

Since Katie hadn't done anything in nature (other than drinking wine), we went back to the Airbnb for a quick dinner which consisted of hotdogs and potatoes (which was a pretty terrible meal), then headed into the park to catch the sunset. We went to the same place where I did my sunrise shots to take photos of the sunset. We got there a little too late but the view and lighting was much better than in the morning. It was fun to have started and ended my day in the exact same location taking the exact same shot.

Trailhead Location
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7.57 mi 4.8 hrs 6,713 ft 3,360 ft
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Deer In the Parking Lot
Survey Marker at Columbia Rock
Wild Lupine
Crossing the Bridge
Wild Butterfly
Yosemite Falls
Cliff Face
Raging River
Over the Falls
Selfie and a Snack
Next to a Tree
Wine in California