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Fall Colors Hunt

Since Katie didn't have to work this week we decided to go on a little mini-vacation during the week up to Colorado Springs in hopes that we would find some fall colors. We packed as much of Colorado Springs as we could into the 2 days we were there including some of the touristy activities like going to the Manitou Cliff Dwellings and going to the Garden of the Gods. But mostly we picked that area for the scenic highway between Divide and Cripple Creek. There were several wonderful panoramic spots to see the fall colors, as well as some beautiful Aspen groves that we got up close to.

On Monday we went on a hike in Mueller State Park. We picked the Lost Pond hike which was short, just under 3 miles, and only 679ft of elevation gain. But since we were taking photos, it was an hour and a half long hike through the mountains. It ended up being a perfect place to shoot the aspens even though we were maybe a week too early for peak colors.

Trailhead Location
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2.92 mi 1.5 hrs 9,839 ft 679 ft
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The Girl on the Dock
Fall is in the Sky
Sunflower Sunrise
Blue Sies and Water
Quail Lake Panorama
Manitou Cliff Dwellings
Crouched Down
Broken Walls
In the Window
Patches of Fall
Yay for Fall
Up the Trunk
Fallen Leaves
On the Horizon
Along the Trail
Green and Gold
Golden Skies
Hint of Orange
Tall Trees
Lost Pond
Lost Katie
Yellow Skies
Yellow Hillside
Three Trunks
Massive Grove
Large Grove Panorama
Decker Fire
Along the Road
Beat Up
Note from the Workers
Rock on the Roof
Sheep Spotting
Licking the Salt
Looking at Me
Sky On Fire
Wild Katie
Smoky Sunset
Golden Wheat
Warmed Aspens
Warm Aspen
Between the Trees